In more ways than one, bathrooms can be considered a place of sanctuary in a busy household. This small yet essential part of the house can be a perfect place for reflection or relaxation. It can be a good place for long baths, calming showers and more. We all have different ideas on what a bathroom should or should not have. At Renovation Experts, studies were made on what homeowners request during a bathroom remodel Las Vegas.

The Beauty of Light

The activities in a bathroom range from putting on makeup to reading the paper to taking relaxing baths. To achieve ease and comfort while doing these activities, the proper use of lighting should be considered. Lights designated for particular tasks like the ones used for vanities will make activities like shaving, cleaning and washing a lot easier. Ambient lighting can set moods for certain activities like relaxing baths and bedtime routines.

A Rise in Showers

A bathtub and shower combination can prove to be economical space wise but the survey at RenovationExperts find that a lot of homeowners are inclined to having a separate shower stall. This preference is brought about by the improvement of shower fittings and technologies. A Las Vegas bathroom remodel is a perfect way to indulge in some simple luxuries when it comes to showers. It was found that a combination of multiple shower heads, sleek glass doors, and contemporary style has made it to the top must-haves of the modern bathroom.

Comfy Toes

The next item on the list is an emerging bathroom technology and it is heated flooring for bathrooms. This feature has been growing in popularity thanks to the comfort it gives to homeowners especially during the cold.

A Unique Touch

Each person has a desire for individuality and this can be expressed through the tile design. Currently, there are over millions of combinations of tiles to choose from. Some companies even have tiles that incorporate nature themes into the bathroom. Bathroom remodeling in Las Vegas is a great way to add a personal touch to the room.

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