A tiny powder room is not uncommon. A small guest bathroom is understandable too. But a cramped master bathroom? That’s a big no-no! Let’s just say a small bathroom isn’t something your realtor will be excited about if you plan to sell your home.

Well, today is your lucky day! We’re going to teach you a few tricks to make your small bathroom appear larger. They can actually be applied to any room in your home but they are particularly important in a bathroom.

You see, every bathroom must satisfy the needs of its homeowners. This is why it should include all the basics such as the sink, the shower or tub and the toilet. No matter how small a space is, all of these fixtures must be shoved inside for a bathroom to serve its purpose. If this was a living room, you can just remove a few pieces of furniture to free up some space but taking out a toilet from a bathroom? That’s impossible!

So how can you transform your bathroom? Just follow our simple advice and watch your tiny bathroom grow!

Consistency is the Key

Maintain the same tone, color or value throughout the entire room. Paint your ceiling the same color as your walls most especially if it is angled or has some oddly-shaped areas. Using the same paint color will conceal any unusual shape and make the room seem more expansive. Also, never mix dark walls with light-colored tiles or vice versa. Doing this make the room appear like it was chopped up into a smaller space.

Go for Clear Glass

Textured glass may seem like a good idea but trust us, it’s not. Although it can provide you with a little privacy, it can feel like an extra wall in your cramped bathroom. Settle for clear glass and experience the huge difference!

Bring in the Big Guns

And by guns, we mean mirrors. Obviously, all bathrooms must have a mirror but a small bathroom must specifically have a tall one. It should be trimmed out in wood or tile with lighting installed on top or hanging in front of it. The mirror will double the light’s impact and make the room expand.

When Nothing Seems to Work

If you have tried these tricks and you are still unhappy about your tiny bathroom, maybe it’s time to consider a bathroom remodel, Las Vegas. Contact Las Vegas Remodeling Pros Builders today for a free consultation and find out how we can transform your small space into the bathroom of your dreams!

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