Choosing the right palette is one of the hardest decisions when it comes to redecorating. From your walls to your cabinets, even the floor. Our team of experts at Las Vegas Remodeling Pros have worked with numerous clients as they remodeled their bathrooms and they understand how frustrating it can be to choose the perfect hue to use in your bathroom. This is why they prepared this set of tips to help you out as you make this huge decision.

Use a Color Wheel

For most who’ve done repainting in their homes, this is a common tool that’s frequently used. This is a great way to blend contrasts, complement hues and the key to finding the perfect combination for your room. While a color wheel really does help in choosing visually appealing color combinations, it won’t hurt to consult a professional. When working with our bathroom remodel Las Vegas team, you will get advice only from highly-skilled design experts.

Follow the Rule of Three

Having a three-way with color combinations is a rule that some designers follow. Following proportions is the key: 70% for neutral, 20% in rich color, 10% bold. Although, the neutrals when successfully combined is sure to give you classic perfection.

Double Up on Neutrals

You will never go wrong with a fusion of neutrals in your bathroom. They instantly address a sense of calmness and tranquility. Following a 70%/30% distribution gives a more ravishing color scheme that’s not entirely boring. Adding certain patterns or textures like marble or herringbone completes this look.

Make a Splash with Two Brights

This is a trick that doesn’t necessarily need to empty your pockets. A splash of contrasting brights is sure to give you an energetic vibe and tension that ultimately therapeutic as well. Seal of the look by using a white paint or accents.

Explore the Darker Side

Some of us might think that warmer or darker hues make a room appear smaller. With the right techniques, this could actually give more depth and drama. The design experts at Las Vegas Remodeling Pros will make this effect an easy task. Mirrored lamps and some mercury glass added into this scheme completes the look.

Complements the Rest of Your Home

Can’t decide which color palette to use? Be inspired by the colors of the rest of the house, or perhaps an accent in your living area. Take dominance to a whole new level and have the rooms of your home compliment each other. This will surely enhance the your home’s overall beauty.

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